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What Are Negative Effects Of Homework On Students?


You will see that today an increasing number of students are more depressed and tensed than the previous generation, and the answer to that is pretty simple. Today, students are expected to excel in every field by their teacher, parents, and relatives. Some students are able to cope with pressure, but a handful of them succumb to the weight of expectation and crumble. One major reason for this is assigning homework to students. Imagine, you are tired and fatigued after spending a significant part of your day in school, but then you head home only to find out that you have to complete your assignment. Failure to complete that work would result in a poor grade and substandard academic record. To further illustrate the negative consequences let's have a look at how homework negatively affects a student.

Sleeping Disorders:

Many students have reported that they fail to get proper sleep at night and spend a healthy time finishing their work. This leads to disturbed sleep patterns or causes insomnia which can lead to serious health problems in future.


A second more concerning the problem is that of hypertension which could lead to depression and cause psychological problems. In addition to that, hypertension can cause an abnormal increase in blood pressure which in turn could lead to heart disease. Hypertension occurs to a student only when he/she is tensed about the workload that they have to complete.

Lack Of Balance:

Those students who eventually do manage to concentrate on their studies tend to miss out on their social life. They forget to interact with people, make new friends and completely shut themselves to the outside world. This causes a huge imbalance and will often lead to isolation or physical assessment and bullying.


In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that homework is important because it leads to practice and assimilation of concepts learned. However, pointless work should be avoided, and teachers should refrain from burdening students. Furthermore, it should be voluntary but not compulsory for students to complete their assignments because this will lead to less tension of worrying about the grade. However failure to realize the harmful effects on children could result in those problems which I have mentioned above and problems in future. You should keep in mind that most criminal are formed because they have had a troubled past.